WAIT… Get Your Very Own Personal Graphic Designer Creating UNLIMITED Designs For Your Clients and Business… For FREE!

Are You Ready To Take Your Designs To The Next Level?

Our Service Includes:

–  Fast Turn-Around Times
–  Unlimited Design Requests
–  Unlimited Revisions
–  Dedicated Designer (From North America)
–  Submit Requests 24/7
–  Custom Designs
–  Royalty Free Stock Photos
–  Top Customer Care
–  No Contracts

Unlimited Designs & Revisions.

“It frees up my time”

“I was always frustrated with…”Time spent searching for and/or creating graphics.” Now working with Graphic Genetics…”It frees up my time”…”and now I am able to take a few things off of my plate and focus elsewhere”

Loralyn Lafferty

Frequently asked questions

What is Graphic Genetics?
Graphic Genetics is a professional graphic design service that allows you to get a dedicated personal graphic designer to create unlimited designs for you and your clients for one low monthly flat-fee.
How do I use Graphic Genetics?
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1. Join Graphic Genetics now.

2. Login to our private and secure design portal and submit your requests to your dedicated designer.

3. Your designer will get working right away and have the first draft back to you within 72 hours!!

I own multiple brands and do work for clients. Can I submit requests for each?
Yes!  We will work on unlimited brands for you and your clients 🙂
What is the turnaround time for a project?
We will have the first draft of your design back to you within 72 hours. All revisions are back within 24 hours!
What if I am not satisfied with a design?
No problem, we will perform UNLIMITED REVISIONS! We will work until your designs fit your specifications and you’re 100% thrilled!
Do I receive the original design source files of the designs you create for me?
YES! Unlike other designers that hold your PSD files hostage…we give you the original .PSD source files of your designs.
Are there any contracts or do I have to remain a member for a certain period of time?
Nope. You can cancel at ANYTIME, and ANY designs you have created are yours to keep. No strings attached!
Are there ANY restrictions on the 14 Day Trial?
You can submit as many projects as you can during the first 14 days… However, you can only submit and have a maximum of 1 active project request at any given time. In other words, if you have a project being actively designed, then the system will not allow you to submit a new request until your one project is marked as complete. Once your 14 Day Trial is complete, and you become a FULL member your account will be upgraded, and you will be allowed to have more active project requests at any given time.
Are there any hidden fees?
Nope. Your Trial is FREE for the first 14 Days… then a flat monthly fee of $197 ($100 OFF)
Can I secretly use you to create graphics for my own clients?
YES! In fact, we encourage it!  We will even supply you with a Turn-key website where you can sell our web graphic services. You collect and keep 100% of the money!  When you receive an order… you simply submit the project to us… and have us secretly design the project behind the scenes for YOUR customer!

Get Your Own Personal Graphic Designer Now:

NOTE: After your 14 day trial you’ll automatically renew at the sale rate of $197 ($100 OFF) until you decide to cancel… no contracts, no commitments, cancel at any time!