Your Own Personal Designer For One Low Price!

“It frees up my time”

“I was always frustrated with…”Time spent searching for and/or creating graphics.” Now working with Graphic Genetics…”It frees up my time”…”and now I am able to take a few things off of my plate and focus elsewhere”

Loralyn Lafferty

Starter Plans & Pricing

One Flat Monthly Fee

Upgrade or Downgrade at Anytime.

No Contracts, No Commitments, Cancel At Any Time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   How do I use Graphic Genetics?

A.    It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1. Join Graphic Genetics now.

2. Login to our private and secure design portal and submit your requests to your dedicated designer.

3. Your designer will get working right away and have the first draft back to you within 72 hours!!

Q.   What is the turn around time for a project?

A.    We will have a first draft of your design back to you within 72 hours.  All revisions are back within 24 hours!

Q.   What if I am not satisfied with the design?

A.    No problem, we will perform UNLIMITED REVISIONS!  We will work until your designs fit your specifications and you’re 100% thrilled!

Q.   Do I receive the original .PSD source files of the designs you create for me?

A.    YES!  Unlike other designers that hold your PSD files hostage…we give you the original .PSD source files of your designs.

Q.   Is there any contracts or do I have to remain a member for a certain period of time?

A.    Nope.  You can cancel at ANYTIME and ANY designs you have created are yours to keep.  No strings attached!

Q.   Is there a limit of how many projects I can submit?

A.    You can submit as many projects as your plan allows…For example if you are on the Starter Plus plan you can submit up to 5 design projects per month.

Q.   Are there any hidden fees?

A.    Nope.  Your ONLY cost is a flat monthly fee…there are NO hidden fees!

Q.   Can I secretly use you to create web graphics for my own clients?

A.    YES!  In-fact we encourage it!  We will even supply you with a Turn-key website where you can sell our web graphic services….You collect and keep 100% of the money…When you receive an order…you simply submit the project to us…and have us secretly design the project behind the scenes for YOUR customer!

Below Are Real Comments From Our Customers:

“I was so frustrated”

“I was so frustrated trying to find the right graphics for my sites and squeeze pages. This was simply something I never should have done myself because I ended up wasting too much of my time and it simply wasn’t cost effective for me.”

Now…”I work with Cindy from Graphic Genetics and she was both responsive to my requests and talented in her design work.”

“It’s like having my own in-house graphic design department” and this has “helped me create better looking products and get them to market more quickly!”

Andrew Finkelstein

“she can read my mind”

“In the past it was hard….”to get good web graphics in a reasonable time frame and without going broke”

But then I found Cindy from Graphic Genetics…”Cindy is amazing. I love her designs. It’s as if she can read my mind (I’m not terribly good at telling her what to do but she gets it right almost all of the time, and mostly, she far exceeds my expectations. Also, I now know that I’ll get my graphics quickly”

“I was able to create new graphics for PLR stuff and for web pages that I got as part of other products, which helped my sales. And Cindy also created great WordPress headers and ecovers for me that I’ve been using extensively for lead generation, and the results are great”

Elisabeth Kuhn

“I love the service”

“Before finding your service…”Any time I had to have a graphic done, I had to wait, and search and couldn’t find anyone who could do it the way I wanted. But Graphic Genetics worked with us, through several transformations of logos and banners and sites. I am now able to get my websites up 3 times faster than in the past.  More sites, more blogs, more email contacts, more sales”…”I love the service”

Carol Gino

“generate more revenue”

“Before…”Most of my frustrations centered around designers promising, but not delivering”

“I was fortunate enough to work with Cindy. She was organized and never bit off more than she could chew. My projects were delivered to me as promised each and every time”

“I didn’t have to get my creative juices flowing because Cindy took care of everything. I could focus several projects ahead without having to worry about the details of design work”

This has helped me…”be more productive and create more products and thusly generate more reveune”

“If you know anything about me you know that I don’t make recommendations lightly and I only make them for products and services that I personally use and have found to be exceptional. Graphic Genetics represents a great investment in your increased productivity and profitability”

Tony Spann